The Hardcore Protocol Features

Technology should unleash creativity.

Here's what's under our hood:

  • MetaverseGraph (mGraph) ABFT-based high-speed asynchronous consensus mechanism.
  • Asynchronous transaction parallel processing based on FPGA acceleration.
  • IPFS-based distributed file storage node supports EVM and Solidity smart contracts.

A great dApp ecosystem needs low barriers to entry and tooling to die for.

  • Compatible with EVM and JSON RPC interfaces.
  • Simple and scalable.
  • Cross-chains and a unified Virtual Machine.
Creation Platform

We were made for you to create.

  • 3D game materials/models.
  • Digital NFT creation and digital tools for physical NFTs.
  • NFTs trading and copyright split token trading.
XR Open Source
  • Caduceus XR-Glass: XR dual purpose 1080P HD smart screen streaming glasses.
  • Caduceus XR-Box: XR blockchain smart hardware box.
  • Caduceus XR-OS: Android-based XR open-source operating system and 3D UI.
  • Integrated camera dual purpose recognition and SLAM algorithm.
  • Integrated head tracking, face recognition, gesture detection, 6 DOF spatial positioning and other AR algorithms.
  • Seamlessly connects to Unity 3D AR engine to support AR game operation.
3D Vlog
  • An IPFS and distributed peer-to-peer video broadcasting and live streaming platform.
  • The world’s first 3D-VR short video platform supporting NFT-ERC20 copyright distribution.
  • Based on blockchain and smart contracts, it supports the economic system of creation-as-mining and watched-as-mining, which encourages creators to upload quality content.
StarChain data structure
  • Multi-level distributed metaverse graph structure.
  • Extremely fast processing power with unlimited scalability.
Ultra-fast parallel processing
  • BigBang’s fully hardware-programmable and accelerated blockchain consensus system.
  • StarRing transaction execution engine (FXP).
  • Nebula level unlimited scalable block database.
PoXR+ABFT asynchronous consensus
  • Fully asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant Async BFT.
  • PoXR meta-universe proof of contribution.
  • StarGate Event Propagation Protocol.
  • Divergent smart contract pre-execution system.
  • Regimented transaction and verification system.
  • Light Grain distributed cloud storage node.
Unlimited scaling speed fully compatible with blockchain systems
  • Supports seamless migration of EVM, Solidity contracts.
  • Support for ERC20/NFT/DeFi cross-chain migration and asset-swapping.
  • Compatible with MetaMask and other major blockchain wallets.